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PalmplayTM Offline?: How Free Wifi Bus Can Boost Long Distance Journey



This was written by Samuel Obasi, read down
Lagos to Abuja is a journey and most passengers embarking on this trip will always prepare their mind for it. You’re either ready to sleep or you’re ready to fight sleep with everything you can conjure till you get to where your final destination.
I don’t know why you even have to, is not like sleep is bad.
Anyways, my last trip to Abuja which was onboard one of the popular private transport companies was a lot shorter than previous journeys or at least, that was how it felt and the trick was free Wi-Fi on board!
Free Wi-Fi onboard some Luxurious buses
It first hit me when the coach captain said we can enjoy free Wifi aboard his coach. “Like seriously? Is that some kind of joke?” I asked him but the imposing coaster pilot showed me a cute little black box nestling at the right corner of the bus and in reply, he says to me:
“My brother, this IT people keep doing wonders. When you think you’ve seen it all, they will come up with another magic. This one they call PalmplayTM offline will connect you to the internet inside this bus till we reach Abuja”.
When he was done marketing his new business trick, I figured that the man wasn’t cracking jokes. Though technically PalmplayTM offline isn’t the internet but it works much like it.
The brilliant wireless device has a local server (the box) and well, you can connect your mobile devices to it via the Wi-Fi; for some persons, that’s internet enough for sure. As for me, I couldn’t wait to connect to the free “internet” and get myself busy through the journey.
Wrapped up in content
When the bus was ready to move and as the coach captain settled behind the wheel, I flicked on the Wi-Fi button of my phone, it was moment of truth. As expected, I made a connection and the Palmchat interface popped on my device screen.
No question I had to download it, anything for a Free Wifi trip to Abuja! Download completed, I gained access to the array of Palmplay Offline server contents.
Once inside the app ecosystem, there was no turning back. I browsed contents throughout my journey, scanning through my new world and I must say the cute little box held its own. Content ranging from apps to movies, music videos and even some clips of popular sitcoms were all loaded on PalmplayTM offline.
I went for the movies, no holding back and my eyes were blazing throughout not an iota of sleep crept in till we got to Abuja.
At the end of my trip, I promised myself to always go for the free Wifi buses when making interstate journeys. They have a way of making your trip a lot shorter or at least so it feels .

By Samuel Obasi from Lagos
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