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Bald Faith Dangana, 18-Year-Old Nigerian Model Who Lost Her Hair To Alopecia (Pics)



Alopecia areata is a type of hair loss that occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles, Faith Dangana is a Nigerian student, a typical example of an elegant young lady with this disease.
Faith is from Bayelsa state, a Law student at the Rivers state university of science and technology, Port Harcourt and works as a model for Image Tower.
She talked about her experience with Alopecia, how she started noticing it when she was in JSS2 and how it had an impact on her life at that stage.
She talked about how depressed and sad she was at the beginning due to how people viewed her whenever she went out but then her knowledge of celebrities like Tyra Banks, Taila Joy and some others who had the disease at some stage in their lives helped her to find the courage to come out and be herself.
She also talked about creating awareness with her social media #BoldisBeautiful.
When asked about the reason she had Alopecia, she said “Actually, it’s a hormonal deficiency. My hormones are imbalanced and my immune systems see my hair as a virus and attack them, it is not in my family lineage though.”
Faith says she is not dating and is focused on getting her Education complete.
when asked the question”will you rather be a successful model or to be free from Alopecia?”
This was what she had to say “Being successful in this business is what I’d go for anytime, any day, I love the way I am, I do not see it as a disability, I see it as the creator’s style for my existence.”
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