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'Why I Prefer Sex Before Marriage..' — Oluwaseyi Edun



Sensuously beautiful Seyi Edun is a budding actress who has not only found her place in the world of acting but also taking giant strides as a movie producer. As new as she is on the scene, Seyi is already being regarded as one of the fast rising stars to watch out for in the Yoruba sector of Nollywood.
In this chat with Potpourri, Seyi talks about her life as an actress, a producer and the concept behind her first produced movie ‘Eja Nla’.  She also talks about her fondness for the pop star, D’Banj, her love life and several sundry issues:
Seyi-Edun1Have you  always wanted     to be an actress?
I didn’t set out to be an actress. I joined the industry in 2009 through my younger sister     who happens to be a scriptwriter.  I joined the House of Wisdom caucus .  I graduated in 2011 and also produced my first movie in  2011
Why are you called Eja Nla?
I got the name Eja Nla from D  Banj. I love D  banj so much.  I love his music and personality so I just decided to come up with something unique  and  produced a movie around that name. The name stuck ever since.
What is your most challenging movie role?
My most challenging movie role is in Ogo Olorun. It’s a movie where I had to speak Yoruba all through. Not just conventional Yoruba, but Yoruba rooted in proverbs and folklore. It was really challenging because   I wasn’t permitted to fuse English with  myYoruba. I didn’t find it easy, especially with the Yoruba proverbs.
Can you date any of your colleagues?
Yes and no. Yes, because you never can tell where you will find love, but presently     I will say no , I can’t date any of my colleagues.
What would you consider the good side and bad side of being an actress?
The good side of being an actress is that you are a known face and doors open for you as a result of your fame. While the bad side involves having to deal with scandals and nosy journalists. As an actress there is no way you can prevent some bad things being writen about you. It is a sweet and sour experience.
What are the challenges of being a movie producer?
Movie production is not easy at all. We face challenges from monetary to logistics. At times, the timeline of production doesn’t just agree with your time-table. A film of couple of weeks may end up running into months and this may stretch the budget and make you incur more expenses. But the biggest challenge is money, getting money to bankroll your production.
What will you consider as your favourite qualities in a man?
I love a responsible man, God-fearing, not extremely handsome and not too ugly. I also  don’t want someone who is     extremely rich. I love a man with a good heart, someone who     will love   me for who I am.
Have you ever been heartbroken?
Yes I have, and I don’t     want to be heartbroken anymore. Heartbreak is not a good thing. When one is heartbroken it hurts     and weighs you down. You feel like your life   has been thrown into a puddle and the truth is that it’s the person that one   loves that breaks one’s heart.
Can you quit acting for your relationship?
That is why I said earlier that I love a man who understands me for who I am and my man       cannot tell me to quit acting because of our relationship.
Seyi-EdunWhat does sex means to you?
Sex is a good thing, we are all sexual beings.     Our sexuality is linked with   the rest of our lives. It’s a sort of bond between two people, a form of expression that goes behond the ordinary intimacy shared. It’s a good thing.
What is your take on sex before marriage?
I think it’s an individual thing. Once you are     an adult and you think you are ready, go for it. Personally, I think sex before marriage is good. Because it will make you know your partner well before going into marriage. So if there is anything you are not comfortable with, you have an ample time to correct it before actually going into the lifetime contract of marriage. Doing it before marriage also reduces adultery and fornication.  It is also a good way of studying your partner before you get committed to him or her.
What will you consider the sexiest part of your body?
I will choose my leg as the sexiest part of   my body. People often tell me I have got sexy legs, so I will choose my legs.

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