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Former Miss Nigerian UK, Falls In Love With 60+ Yrs Old Billionaire



Former beauty queen (She won Miss Nigeria UK) Dabota Lawson is engaged and we are so happy for her. The model and actress who is in her 20’s got engaged to a billionaire who i hear is old enough to be her dad. 
The man is Prince Sunny Aku, the owner of Novena Majesty Furniture and in his 50s. The man who is from Abia state also recently got her one of the latest Range Rovers and owns a private jet. 
Like Myne Whitman said :
Dobota sure doesn’t care a fig what people think about her affairs, and I say good for her. Age is just a number, and she won’t be the first to marry an older and richer guy. I wish her all the best with her relationship.
I know most ladies will grab the opportunity if given….
See photos and twits below…

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