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Jonathan Launched the National eID Card



President Goodluck Jonathan on 28th of August received his National eID card. It is a start of the largest financial inclusion program in Africa. MasterCard`s identity cards will be issued to more than 13 million Nigerians.
This eID is a key element in composing of the Nigerian Identity Management System. Also it is a great step for creating National Identity Database which can provide proof of identity to all Nigerians age 16 and more.
This electronic technology will provide to millions of Nigerians possibility for secure, reliable and easy electronic payments. The majority of them have never had access to such banking products.
With this card Nigerians will be able to deposit funds, gain social benefits, to perform different financial transactions. And all the electronic payments will be extra secure due to biometric verification. They will be also able to pay for things and services. MasterCard cards are accepted in more than 210 states all around the world. No other brand is spread so globally.
Celebrating event was held in Abuja. President Goodluck Jonathan proudly stated:
`To all Nigerians, I say, remember the National Identification Number (NIN), is your Identity. The Card is not only a means of certifying your identity, but also a personal database repository and payment Card, all in your pocket!`
Mr President was very impressed with a good quality of eID card and the corporate partners who managed it. He thanked to MasterCard, and Access Bank Plc for developing a world-class product of such a level.
To receive this card citizen should register at one of the enrollment centers which are situated all around the country. This process includes collection of all demographic and biometric data of individual. It is planned to introduce cards more than 100 million citizens. But it will happen only after completion of the “pilot” program.

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