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Fans Blast Karen Igho Over Annoying Joke On Ebola (Photos)



Karen Igho has been off the radar for quite a long time ,Today, she unveiled herself because she wanted to create Ebola Awareness but the video she posted and tagged #Ebolacampaign1″
Karen starts
Hi everyone, its your girl Karen, its been a minute you guys haven’t heard from me but I miss you guys, I love you(Kissing sound).The reason why I;m here today, is because my friends charlie,my friend..em my friend linda here in the US,challenged me to the Ice bucket Challenge.But before I do that, I will like to nominate some few people who I think will help create awareness for this special cause. Well, I will like to nominate derenle (Video Ends).
Some fans blasted her as they didn’t understand it, Especially since she tagged it “Ebola campaign but is doing Ice bucket challenge”.

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