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Oh My God!: Boko Haram Ranked 7th Richest Terrorist Group In The World



The dreaded Nigerian sect Boko Haram has been ranked the seventh wealthiest terrorist organization in the world.
It has been made known by the Nigerian Tribune with reference to the edition The Richest, which says that the amount of money made by the insurgents within the period 2006-2011 by means of receiving ransoms for the kidnapped people, totals $70 million.
Who “beatedBoko Haram?
1. The first on the list is the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), with the so-to-say financial benefit received from looted weapons and bank robberies corresponding $2 billion.
2. It is followed by Irish Republican Army (IRA) with over $450 million procured through money laundering.
3. The Taliban of Afghanistan occupies the third place with the sum of $400 million received every year by means of expansive drug trade, human trafficking, extortion, plus donations from foreign organisations that support their ill-gotten empire.
4. Al-Qaeda, being one of the most feared and deadliest terrorist groups in the world, was ranked 4th, with annual $100million.
5. The Marxist guerrilla group, Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia-People’s Army (FARC) setting fear among Colombia residents rakes in an estimated sum of $80-$350 million.
6. Lashkar-e-Tayyiba from Pakistan makes $100 million a year.
Meanwhile the effort to bring back more than 250 girls abducted almost 3 months ago from Chibok school, Borno State, continues

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