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MH370: First Funerals For Passengers Of The Missing Jetliner Are Set



The first funerals for passengers of missing MH370 Malaysia Airlines flight will be held on May 3-4, 2014.
The decision was announced by the relatives said this on May 2, 2014, Friday, as a Malaysian official urged them to “face reality” and leave support centres.
Despite the most costly and intensive search in the history of commercial aviation history, no trace of the missing flight has been found since it vanished about 1.5 hours after departure from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8, 2014.
Almost eight weeks later, Malaysia Airlines announced shut down of the assistance centres it has set up in Beijing and Kuala Lumpur for the families of the missing 239 people on board the Boeing
777-200ER jet.
“… It’s about time for us to actually accept the reality that the family members should go back and wait for the answer in their hometowns,” Malaysia deputy foreign minister declared.
Some families in Beijing have left for home, but others were resisting.
“Do you think I will leave? How many things do we need to do if we go back home? What will life be like after returning home?
Our life has been ruined by this. We are not able to face our relatives if we go back,” the father of a passenger, Wang Bao’an, said.
Another relative, Zhang Yongli, backed the speaker, reminded that the airline company had promised that they would not ask families to leave the support center, located at Lido Hotel, until they figured out what had happened and had found the plane. However, now they have forgotten their words.
Nevertheless, many relatives move on. For instance, family and friends of Rod and Mary Burrows, two of six Australians on board the flight, will hold a memorial service in Brisbane on Sunday.
It would be noted that experts have narrowed down the search area (in the picture), where the plane is presumed to have crashed, to a large arc of the Indian Ocean some 1,600 km (1,000 miles) northwest
of the west Australian city of Perth.
Unfortunately, after spending weeks without finding any sign of debris , Australian authorities have called off the air and surface search.
Australia and Malaysia now plan to contract commercial companies to undertake underwater search only. The mission may last about 8 months and cost almost USD 55.6m.

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