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“What will I use to cook stew na ?”- Nigerian man r@ges as his sons devour a bowl of chicken without his consent (WATCH)



A trending video captures the moment a Nigerian man caught his two sons devouring a bowl of chicken without his consent as he intends to prepare a meal with the chicken.

In the video shared, the man identified as @orjl4dad expressed displeasure after discovering his kids eating the chicken he had kept in the kitchen to prepare stew.

The eldest son boldly responded that he took the chicken himself without the consent or help of anyone at home, causing the man to express rage as he march them to the kitchen area.

Upon getting to the kitchen, the man exclaimed after seeing the left over chicken in the bowl and instantly commanded them to their kneels as he vow to discipline them behind the camera.

The man lamented that he frequently experience surprising events with his children since his wife travelled. He said he just left them in the sitting room for few minutes, unknowing to him, they had the boldness to display such attitude.

Despite their father’s outrage, the eldest son wasn’t remorseful for what he had done while the youngest son was scared and at the verge of tears.

The video has generated hilarious comments online as netizens’ explained how toddlers tend to test their parent’s patience, displaying unexpected behaviour.

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