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Singer Kizz Daniel’s marriage reportedly crashes over infidelity



The marriage of Nigerian singer Oluwatobiloba Anidugbe, popularly known as Kizz Daniel, with his beloved wife MJay has allegedly hit the rock over infidelity.

Lately, it was noticed that the ‘Showa’ hit maker took down all videos of his wife and mother of his three children. Mjay’s Instagram account has also been deactivated.

This left many worried as they speculated that the couple are facing some serious marital crisis.

However, a controversial blogger Cutie Juls alleged that the couple’s marriage has crashed over Kizz Daniels’ latest infidelity. Apparently, his wife caught him sleeping with another woman in his office and has vowed not to forgive him or take him back.

The blog said family and friends have stepped in, but the wife remains adamant as she noted how she has forgiven him countless times, but this time around, she isn’t going back. Cutie Juls revealed that Kizz Daniels has been running helter-skelter trying to make things work out.

The post reads, “Long story short: Kizz Daniel has a studio in his house which is on the last floor. For those of you that have visited his home before, you will realise his bedrooms and walk closets are like a maisonette. On the floor which has the beds, is his studio.”

“Guess what? Oga was knacking a babe inside the studio and the wife caught them red handed recently. Now the wife says this time around, she is not ready to forgive and take him back. Family and friends have stepped in but the wife says lie lie cuz she has forgiven him severally in the past but this particular one is the deal breaker. She is not doing again.”

“Oga has gone through everyone and everywhere to apologise but the wife says her No is No. We don’t know if she will reconsider her decision in future but for now, she is very hurt and feel so disappointed in Kizz Daniel as the last time, he really made her believe he’s”.

Checkout the post below:

Netizens shared their thoughts via comment section. Some reactions are shown below:

precious.ihuoma said, “Why apologise for something you had all planned out and executed? I hate adults apologising continously for things they will still do again. The audacity to disre.spect your wife in your home. Bro, now bring in you knack partner with full chest, use knacks finish una self abeg”.

enifomespeaks said, “A leopard can never change its what again? Later somebody will insult Sophia and praise Chioma. Sophia walked away. Chioma stayed. Women should learn to respect themselves. Men should learn to respect themselves. A man who cannot keep himself to his wife is not worthy of being called a man and a woman who settles for a man who does that is playing with her life.”

cys_properties said, “She should forgive and forget 🙄🙄 she’s a strong woman and will be hyped as one . I wish her the best 🤗”.

doxzel__signaturehair33 said, “All these people saying “she should take lessons from chioma” nah chioma get consolation (money) and she’s cashing out big time so cheating may not be a deal breaker for her & David doesn’t abuse her physically. If you watch their connection, it’s like boy friend & girl friend relationship but the other one hmmmm no matter how much they play love on stage, e no dey gel, no chemistry at all, looks staged & forced, it’s just like master & slave relationship”.

itz_andra_official said, “When he proudly answered a Twitter user that one of his bad character was adultery she no see am ni?”

chef_amaa said, “Fear that gender that sold their Lord and personal savior for 30k abi na shilling 😩”.

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