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Nigerian woman weeps as hospital allegedly gives husband fake DNA results for 3 kids, vows to evict her (Watch)



A Nigerian woman burst into tears and accused a hospital of giving her husband a fake DNA test result, as he is threatening to throw her out of the house over claims that her kids isn’t his.

This was revealed in a video she posted on her page, where she can be seen crying and pleading for help, insisting on her innocence.

According to her, her husband is adamant about kicking her and their kids out of the house, accusing her of cheating and bringing another man’s child into their home.

She further stated that he had undergone a DNA test at a Nigerian hospital, which allegedly showed that their child is not biologically his.

In response to the alleged result, the woman vehemently denied ever cheating on her husband and contested the validity of the DNA test, requesting to meet with the doctor.

Her statement: “I’ve been crying since last night, I don’t understand what he’s saying. Okay, let’s go to the hospital, let’s go. Let me see the doctor, let me confirm. He said no.”

“Let’s go,’ she continued, ‘he said I should pack my things. Pack my things and go where? He started bringing my things outside.”

“Pack my things and go where with three kids? Where am I going? You people should help me because I don’t know what all these doctors are doing. It’s not true. Let us go together, let me follow you.”

She also emphasized, “He has a doctor, it’s the doctor I’m talking about, let me ask him. How could he say that my kids, how could he accuse me of infidelity?”

“It’s not true,’ she concluded, ‘I’ve never done that even once, much less had a baby with another man. It’s not true.”


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