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Lady Thanks God for Her Unique Birthmark on Forehead, Says It Took Her Far in Life,



A confident lady proudly showcased the unique birthmark on her forehead in a trending Tik Tok post.

Despite being criticised, the lady expressed her gratitude to God for the birthmark, and her positivity inspired many netizens.

In the video shared by @ frontalgirl, the bold lady displayed a significant, dark mark on her forehead, adorned with black hairs.

With a beaming smile, she shared her story and expressed her gratitude to God for making her who she is.

Her birthmark, once a significant source of insecurity for her, has transformed into a badge of honour.

In her words:

“Birthmark not frontal. My birthmark has brought me this far. God I am still grateful for how you made me.”

Reactions as lady displays unique birthmark

The post quickly went viral on Tik Tok, garnering widespread encouragement from viewers.


“You are beautiful. Can you be my baby friend Jare? believe me. You will get a man that will love you so much that the world around you will be jealous of you. You are indeed a rare breed.”

@King Oshin stated:

“Funniest part dis gal na woman go dey abuse her pass. Men no go insult her. Na her fellow gender go dey abuse her.”

@Konfam_Nifemi said:

“I first think say na Nigerian avatar o. Check yourself well, you fit get powers like that.”

@Ochan said:

“You just make goosebumps full my body, no offence oooo guy. My body dey do me any how.”

@Ade Joke reacted:

“My own na for back. I no fit wear show me your back. Sometimes if I does people will be like dey cream your back well.”

@Mira 3D artist added:

“I have birthmark on my face too I had low self esteem then, I do feel I am not pretty enough but you see me now. I am more than enough.”

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