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BREAKING: Labour Party has officially won the UK general election after Peter Obi endorsement



The Labour Party has officially won the UK general election, with Rishi Sunak’s Conservative Party losing.

The Labour Party has officially won enough seats in the UK’s 2024 general election to have a majority in parliament, as vote counting continues. Labour Leader Keir Starmer will become prime minister and can form a majority government.

Labour leader Keir Starmer, who is set to become the first Labour prime minister in 14 years, says his government will always put “country first, party second.”

He said a “mandate like this comes with great responsibility,” and added that his government will be focused on “national renewal.”

“We have to return politics to public service,” he said.

With more than half of all 650 seats counted, Labour looks set to secure one of its biggest ever majorities in the House of Commons.

Starmer is expected to pay a visit to King Charles III later Friday to get the monarch’s permission to form a new government

Recall the the 2023 Labour Party presidential candidate of the Nigeria Labour Party endorsed the Labour Party in UK in a tweet saying “Vote Labour”

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