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“There Is Nothing Wrong With Married Men Cheating Because They Are…” – Pastor Elizabeth



In a recent video that has sparked diverse reactions, Pastor Elizabeth Mokoro of the SDA Church shared her unconventional perspective on relationships.

Known for her bold and candid teachings, Pastor Mokoro addressed a gathering of both men and women, challenging societal norms.

In her teachings, Pastor Mokoro surprisingly expressed the opinion that there is nothing wrong with polygamy and suggested that married men should attract other women. She emphasized that the presence of mistresses, girlfriends, or other terms used to describe additional partners does not nullify the spiritual covenant between a man and his wife.

“There is a woman seated here…the presence of a mistress, girlfriend, co-wife, baby mama, mpango wa kando, my mperfect, mpermanent, whatever you choose to call her, their presence does not null and void the spiritual covenant that you have with your wife,” she said.

Encouraging women not to hastily leave their marriages due to infidelity, she attributed such situations to the devil’s influence, claiming that the introduction of a “strange woman” is a tactic to drive a wedge between couples. According to her, having a man who attracts the attention of other women signifies his value, contrasting it with men who are not pursued by anyone other than their wives.

She argued that a man without rivals is essentially useless, suggesting that competition for one’s affection is a testament to the man’s desirability. “If you have a man with whom you have no rival, then you have a useless man. If you see women fighting for him, then you have a useful man.”

Moreover, she stressed that women do not compete for men randomly but are drawn to certain qualities that wives may take for granted. Mokoro conveyed that even having a wedding ring doesn’t necessarily deter other women, emphasizing the importance of women respecting and treating their men well.

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