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“The Husband Saw N50M In His Wife’s Account And He Asked Some Boys To Come And Kidnap Her” – Ben Igweh reveals



The FCT Commissioner of Police, Ben Igweh has recounted a kidnapping incident in Lugbe where a supposed kidnapping out to be a ploy involving the victim’s husband. He alleged that it was revealed that the woman had a dispute with her husband after he discovered N50 million in her account, prompting him to arrange her abduction.

He stated that the husband was seeking to extract N40 million as ransom and had engaged some boys to carry out the kidnapping. He identified that both the husband and the conspirators are now being jailed because of the nature of their actions which is criminal according to the law.

He said in an interview with Channels TV from minute 21:04,

Some people can organize their kidnap and this is why kidnapping case can be very difficult. There was one that they called me that one woman was kidnapped in Lugbe. When we investigated the matter, we discovered that she had a problem with her husband.

The husband saw N50M in his wife’s account and he asked some boys to come and kidnap her. They kidnapped her and they were demanding for as ransom. So in that case, what do we All of them are in jail now. Even though they are husband and wife, you can’t discharge them because it’s a criminal case. We get a lot of these cases like this.” .

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