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Nigerian man catches police officer planting hard drugs in his car



A Nigerian man has narrated his ordeal at the hands of an operative of the Nigerian police during a stop-and-search operation.

In a statement shared on his X page on Friday, Benkingsley Nwashara narrated how he caught a law enforcement officer trying to implicate him by putting a “pack of Indian hemp” in his boot.

Nwashra, who was travelling along the Benin-Ore motorway, alleged that the officer “wanted to throw it inside the boot immediately” he opened the boot.

He said, “A policeman parked me along Benin-Ore Express and shouted at me to open my boot and he went straight to my boot before I could even turn off the engine.

“I came down first to meet him, only to see the pack of Indian hemp squeezed in his hand. He wanted to throw it inside the boot immediately I opened it.”

Urging Nigerians to be watchful during stop and search operations by law enforcement officers, he advised, “Don’t ever open your boot for anyone before coming down the car. Watch them closely when they’re searching your car.”

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