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“My Dad Had 40 Wives And 103 Children, But When We Did DNA, They Were Reduced Το 55″ – ΜΚO Abiola’s Son Reveals



Abdulmumin MKO Abiola, who is one of the children of late Nigerian politician and businessman Mashood MKO Abiola, has revealed the size of his family after his death, while also stating the number of wives and children that succeeded the late politician.

In a video that was posted on the official Instagram page of Themicon Podcast during an interview with Seun Okin, he made it known that his father had 40 wives and 103 children, but that after DNA tests were conducted on all the children, their numbers were reduced to 55.

In his statement, he said,

We are not that many in Abiola’s family because people think we are a lot, but we are only 55 in numbers.

That is a manageable number in a country of 220 million people, and some people think my father was enjoying himself, but he wasn’t.”.

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