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Man follows wife to market, claims she is extorting him (Watch)



Nigerian man causes a scene in the market as he follows his wife to shop for food stuff as he believes she is not honest with her market runs.

He shared the video to his TikTok page, @mc.izzy5, where it has now gone viral.

The man stated that every market day, he gives his wife the huge sum of N50k but all the food stuff she buys never fills up a Bagco bag.

In order to check if she has been stealing his money, he decided to follow her to the market to confirm things for himself.

He discovered that things are also very pricey at the market and had to cut short his shopping, leaving his wife to finish it alone.

See reactions to the video below

@meritbrown said: “na so my husband go market himself instead of spending 55k as he use to give me he end up spending 85k still he did not buy beans and grandnut oil”

@Alexiso Leonardo opined: “This man no get shame, isn’t she your woman. I mean what’s there if she keeps some money for herself.”

@puyol005 commented: “This one just indirectly call his wife thief 😏”

@ChiefOwen reacted: “Heheheheh we men wen never marry wen Dey go market know wetin we Dey see for those market women hand.. especially markets for Sapele road, things cost 😏😏😏”

@Morning_star⭐🌞 added: “Reason why I stopped going to market,you will go through all the stress only for you to get home and he will say you didn’t price well or they cheat or you keep some money so now he goes to the market”

Watch the video here

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