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Last text Afiba Tandoh sent to her friend before she was murdered by the rich Nigerian man surfaces



The last video Afiba Tandoh sent to her friend when she was in the merciless claws of Andrews Amechi has surfaced on social media.

Afiba Tandoh together with her friend Celine were kidnapped in Abia State in Nigeria after they went to see Andrews Amechi.

As confirmed, Andrew Amechi lured them into his state-of-the-art mansion and murdered them in cold blood.

It has also been alleged that Andrew Amechi is a known notorious organ harvester.

As the police are still tirelessly working to uncover the hidden truths behind this tragic story, the supposed last text of Afiba in Andrews’ room has landed online.

In the emotional text, Afiba tearfully told her friend that she had been kidnapped.

She shared a video of herself in Andrews’ room and abruptly ended it when he got closer to her.

Afiba later cautioned her friend not to text her because Andrews was around.

That was the last time her friend heard from her as well as her family.

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