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Landlord returns to his flat after tenant packed out only to find hundreds of plastic bottles filled with urine



A landlord has been left in shock after discovering hundreds of plastic bottles filled with urine in a flat recently vacated by a tenant.

The incident, captured in a video at our disposal, has sparked widespread outrage and disbelief within the community.

the flat, the landlord, was met with an unimaginable sight. The room was filled with bottles, each containing urine, left behind by the former tenant. The video shows the landlord’s initial reaction of disbelief as he opened the door and saw the extent of the mess.

The landlord, left with no other option, began the arduous task of cleaning the flat himself. The local community has expressed sympathy for the landlord, with many calling for stricter vetting procedures for tenants to prevent such incidents in the future.

Authorities have been notified, and while the tenant’s actions are deeply disturbing, it remains unclear if any legal action will be taken.

For now, the landlord is focusing on moving past this unpleasant episode.

Residents are advised to report any suspicious activities in their neighborhoods to help maintain a safe and respectful community environment.

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