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Lady narrates how cheating boyfriend infected her with HIV, advises people against cheating partners



Pretty lady tells her story as an inspiration to others, reveals how her cheating boyfriend of 5 months infected her with HIV.

The lady stated that even though she knew he was cheating, she expected that he would use protection with other women.

Unfortunately he didn’t and shortly after, she began to notice some symptoms.

Assuming it was only a yeast infection, she went to a local doctor to get medications to combat the symptoms each time they came up.

The lady sharing her story.

It became persistent and she had no choice but to visit a proper doctor where she was informed of her HIV status.

Although she was heartbroken at first, she did not let it weigh her down.

Since then, she has given her life to Christ, gotten married, has a beautiful daughter while also building a community to support others.

Some reactions to her post below

iam_bmodel opined: “The worst heartbreak is being infected with diseases like this by your partner who you trust so much. It will be more heartbreaking and painful. What ever you do please consider your partner.”

hivhealth_and_lifematters commented: “Do not underestimate the power of HIV testing. Imagine if this beautiful lady did not trust her gut to go get tested, and perhaps breaks up with her boyfriend, and gets into another relationship thinking that all is right. Looking at how beautiful she is, her new boyfriend may not even think about using condoms during intimacy, before you know, he would contract it too. I applaud her for sharing her experience. That’s very brave of her. I hope people learn from her story. Let’s stop HIV together and end the stigma”

ladey_of_ekiti said: “Imagine running away from sharp objects only to be infected by your partner.. Oluwa abeg 🥴🥴”

doubleOgeorge added: “Sexual discipline will save your generation. However, what women can do is to encourage their Men whether single or married to use condom, you can even help pack it in their bag when they travel. It’s not about “not trusting” or encouraging “cheating” because you never can tell and your Health and safety should be priority.”

forevermiskay posted: “He will come back home to me”, na wetin dey end am be this”

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