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“If Boko Haram Can Hold Nigeria Nation For The Last 14 Years, They Should Be Careful With Us” – Galadima says



During an open interview on Arise TV, prominent New Nigeria Peoples Party member Buba Galadima cautioned President Tinubu and the federal government not to meddle in Kano politics, citing the potentially terrible consequences of doing so.

He underscored the necessity for the Federal Government to proceed with caution, drawing a parallel between the disruptive force of Kano politics and the destabilising effect of Boko Haram.

Speaking further; “I know some very powerful politicians in Kano, including some rich men who came to meet the president, that they should remove Abba Yusuf and nothing will happen.

According to Buba Galadima, he stated during an interview I with Arise Television;

I want to tell the Federal Government, including my friend President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, that Kano politics will destroy his presidency,”

He added,

Why? Because Boko Haram should be cautious of us after holding the Nigerian government, military, and security agencies hostage for the past 14 years. We reached adulthood in Kano. I’m not attempting to intimidate anyone, so I won’t say anything

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