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“I Opened My Saudi Boss’ Freezer and Saw a Woman’s Body Inside” – Lady Working in Saudi Confesses



Elizabeth recounted a harrowing experience she had while working in Saudi Arabia. Like many others, she traveled to the Gulf seeking better opportunities to support her family.

The mother of two mentioned that her time in Saudi Arabia was smooth, and she had a good relationship with her employer and the family she worked for. However, in an interview with, Njoki shared that another woman, Susan, told her a story about a young lady who vanished under mysterious circumstances.

“She told me there was a lady who used to work there, but she didn’t know how she left because she didn’t tell her goodbye or anything, and her contract hadn’t ended. I was left wondering how it could be that they didn’t even communicate over the phone,” she said.

Njoki lived in a three-story house but had never accessed the third floor. One day, driven by curiosity, she decided to explore. As she was walking, she noticed a particular room on that and opened it.

“I saw a freezer there. I wondered why there was a freezer in an unfinished house, especially since there was another one downstairs. Out of curiosity, I decided to open it because it was on. When I did, I saw a woman’s body inside. I was shocked and immediately thought of the woman Susan had mentioned as missing. I quickly closed it and returned to my room without exploring further,” the Nakuru lady recalled.

Njoki never mentioned what she saw to anyone in the house or her family and continued to act as if nothing unusual had happened.

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