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“He should be arrested” – Video trends as security official with a gun shoots a man fighting him on the street (Video)



A video is making the rounds on social media where a security official with a gun shoots a man fighting him on the street.

The video that has gone viral online captured the moment the armed security detail was seen slugging it out with a middle-aged man in a broad day light.

The man was seen dragging the gun with the security man during the intense fight and people around could not get close to them do to the fear of unaware shoot.

The man continued to drag the gun with the security official in an aggressive manner while on the street to the extent that the former has to defend himself.

During this moment, the security official ended up shooting the man fighting him on the street and did not feel remorse when he killed the man.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

arcwilsokosun: The guy is unarmed,on no account do you fight an unarmed person with arms, this is not me talking,its the law,you can go and very this, it was very wrong of the guy to fight the security personnel but also doesn’t make it right to open fire on him…in a civilized country that officer has a life to answer for,not this zoo called Africa….

nife5289: D guy should be arrested wtf.

ifybuya: So all those pple there could not intervene and separate d fight… Too Bad.

dammynwodo: Me fight a uniformed Man? Why ? We will settle in court. You need to be alive to pay or receive damages.

oluofcopa: Honestly the boy went too far, I pray he doesn’t die to live to see the scars though.

nife5289: D guy should be arrested wtf.

lsc_cutz: e As a young promising guy! U should never fight an officer with a gun📌.

giftyandy123: All these people shouting arrest the officer, the officer committed suicide and all that. Let me ask you people, what if the other guy had overpowered the security officer collected the riffle from him and shot the security officer and maybe other people in that place? I’m sure reverse would have been the case in this CS. You all would go. Why didn’t the officer shoot him immediately and bla bla bla? You all are extremely two-faced in this country.

1804beenaira: The security guy did what he had to do because of that guy was to collect that riffle maybe it’s the security guy that would have been dead so he protected his life and defended himself.

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