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Alleged police officer captured on CCTV stealing from a store (Watch)



A man suspected of being a police officer based on the clothing he was wearing was caught on CCTV stealing from a store.

The alleged police officer entered an empty betting store, reached over the employee-only counter, and picked up an item.

He then pocketed the item before exiting the store.

Store clerks who witnessed the robbery later commented in Yoruba that the man might have a thieving a habit.

Watch the video below….

Some social media users have reacted to the video. Read some comments below…

@Isaacsunday: “Where’s that PRO that always reacts in everything? We want him to speak on this.”.

@Omar_bafa: “Most of the people wearing uniforms in Nigeria are ex-convicts. They’ll never change..”

@Soloblinkz: “Someone will just come online and see their daddy thiefing.”

@Cyril_unusual: “What do u expect from people who mount on the road to steal from citizens they are suppose to protect”.

@Ivapaisley: “People enforcing law in Nigeria are the major law breakers…That police spokesman Prince Adedobi abi wetin his name will not see this one. Na when they wear police man 500 he will see send set his ring light to address Nigerians”.

@Greenpips: “Why police man no go thief wey salary na 40k, abi dem no be human beings ?”

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