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Actress confronts pastor for preaching inside bus she boarded (Video)



Popular Kenyan singer and actress, Alvina Gachugu has been seen in a viral video querying a mobile pastor for preaching in a commercial bus.

She accused him of disturbing the passengers with his words about the gospel as there are people among them who are of different faiths and religions.

According to the movie star, she had never seen individuals who practice religions apart from Christianity going to preach in public spaces or on buses.

Alvina who was furious expressed the opinion that such act has been allowed to go on long enough to be condemned as inappropriate and a breach of people’s privacy.

However, as the music artiste was speaking and baring her mind, the evangelist just stood behind her and watched without saying anything.

Alvina said; 

I don’t understand why Christians claim autonomy of free speech. You try and exercise your free speech anywhere else everyone bashes you, but pastors feel they can come into peaceful public commutes and preach the word”.

Watch video below:

Reacting, realmichaelbundi wrote; Autonomy is “freedom from external control or influence; independence.”

Ways to achieve this:

1 Use private transport.

2 Put on earphones, really good ones with noise cancelling.

3 Play Candy Crush.

4 Alight & Take a walk (good for your body)

5 Be the bus owner

Otherwise, just sit down & relax and remember: Neno Litaendelea. 🙏🏾😊

busalem1989; I would gladly listen to every word that man of god was preaching…and i am a muslim

wainaina_njoroge; I am not labelling you but this is my opinion if the man is genuinely sharing the gospel on the basis of having been born again ( and in this context the salvation is like a treasure)

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