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“I slumped in the bathroom, passed out for almost 6 hours” – Zack Orji recounts near-death experience



Nigerian film actor Zack Orji has opened up on his near death experience sharing details of what exactly happened following his near death experience.

Tontrends reported on the 31st of December 2023 that Zack Orji was rushed to an Abuja hospital’s intensive care unit after he slumped.

The 63 year old veteran actor who underwent two brain surgeries revealed the battle with death started after he slumped in the bathroom and was knocked unconscious.

Zack Orji also spoke on his recovery and those who supported him during the difficult time.

In his words:

“I underwent two brain surgeries in Nigeria after I slumped in the bathroom. I can only say that it’s by the grace of God that I am alive today because I passed out. I was out for about five and a half hours before help came.

Incidentally, my friend Bala Ahmed was in the UK at the time, and the people in the house called him to say “we’ve been knocking on his door since morning and we’ve not been able to receive any response.”

So he called another collegaue, Benedict Johnson, who rushed to the house and I was there on the floor incoherent. I couldn’t even stand because when he raised me, I slumped again and he had to call another colleague.

The two of them lifted me on their shoulders from the second floor to the ground floor and took me to the national hospital. My wife flew in from Lagos, because all this happened in Abuja, on the 29th of Decemeber and met me in the hospital.

On the 1st of January, the first surgery was carried out on me. You can still see the mark. I kept going for different types of scans. I went for another scan and they discovered that there was still some residue clot in my brain so they had to do a second surgery.

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They were able to scoop out all the blood clot and I spent some time recovering and it was recommended that I come to the UK for post surgery assessment.

In all of it, I’m grateful to God Almighty and I’m also grateful to so many people who stepped in. The president of Nigeria, the first lady, the wife to the vice president, the president’s son, and a whole lot of many people. I’m alive today by God’s exceeding great and mercy through the people he used to be of assistance to me. Here I am, strong and healthy, and of a sound mind too. Thank God that it’s not my time yet. It’s not my time.”

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