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“If you love Imole go home” – Police pleads with youths before firing tear gas at Lekki tollgate (Watch Video)



Members of the Nigerian police force reportedly fired tear gas at individuals at the Lekki tollgate who had gathered in large numbers to participate in a walk in honor of the late singer, Mohbad, after they refused to disperse.

The peaceful walk for Mohbad had commenced days ago with the aim of drawing the attention of security agencies to initiate an investigation into the possible cause of the Nigerian singer’s death.

Mohbad passed away on September 12, allegedly due to an ear infection.

While the claim of an ear infection remains unconfirmed, his lifeless body was examined by the police and medical experts on Thursday, September 22.

Following this, many of his supporters and concerned Nigerians held rallies across different parts of the country to commemorate his memory.

A significant number of individuals gathered at the Lekki tollgate for a candlelight procession to mourn the singer.

However, police officers arrived at the location during the late hours, urging and warning the peaceful attendees to return home due to the late hour.

It was later reported that tear gas was deployed by the police against the peaceful gathering due to their refusal to comply with the instructions and warnings of the Nigerian police force.

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