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Boy who was first seen with Mohbad’s corpse in car finally speaks on incident, chats leak



Following the tragic demise of Nigerian singer Mohbad, a young boy who was present at the scene and initially suspected of evading police interrogation has come forward to refute the allegations made against him.

The boy, who was first spotted in a car with Mohbad’s lifeless body, has expressed his frustration over false information circulating in the media and its potential negative impact on his football career.

The young boy’s statement comes in the wake of widespread speculation and rumors regarding the circumstances of Mohbad’s death.

While some social media users had accused him of fleeing the country to avoid questioning by law enforcement, he has vehemently denied these claims.

In an exclusive chat with Gistlovers on Instagram, the boy, whose identity has not been disclosed, clarified the situation surrounding his involvement in the case.

He revealed that he had cooperated fully with the authorities, attending a meeting at the State Criminal Investigation Department (CID) on the 20th of the month, where he provided a statement regarding the incident.

Furthermore, he expressed his frustration over the baseless accusations and misinformation circulating online.

He emphasized that his primary concern was his football career and how the false information could tarnish his reputation in the sport.

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In his words;

“Yes me Mohbad Jnr brother his wife the other guy and his snr brother who drove the car. We all went to the state cid on the 20th for the investigation and wrote a statement down.

“So I don’t know why that verydarkman is still dragging me for what he’s not present. PIs they should stop chasing clout and tarnishing my image.

“They don’t even know me I’m not sanusi. I didn’t fly anywhere l’m at home. They want to spoil my football career saying a lot of shiit I don’t even know anyone except from moh and he’s family.”

Netizens Reactions….

@fredmonie reacted; “Kemi’s case is a different ball game entirely. Very dark black man said what he said for the sake of clarity and transparency in the investigation, the idea is to interrogate everyone around mohbad until the the guilty ones are identified. Don’t know why oba always feels threatened by anyone who doesn’t share the same perception as him. Stop attacking people and trolling them because they are asking other questions that you aren’t asking. That’s unhealthy mahn. Stop it!We are all seeking for justice and your questions aren’t the only valid questions on the table. People have their opinion too and a collection of all these opinions is what will guarantee a near perfect (if not perfect) investigation, don’t be blindsided by sentiments please.”

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@jamie added: “This case is getting more serious.”

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