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Homeless Man Regrets Giving Out His Son 30 Years Ago Because Of Poverty, Says It’s His Biggest Pain



In an emotional encounter captured on video, a homeless man revealed his deepest regret to Peter Bond, a well-known TikTok influencer recognized for assisting homeless individuals.

With tears streaming down his face, the man confessed that his greatest sorrow stemmed from letting go of his son 30 years ago due to the shackles of poverty.

The emotional confession occurred during a heart-to-heart conversation with Peter Bond, where the man recounted how he and a young lady had a son together, but their financial struggles forced them to give him up for adoption.

He expressed his ongoing burden, wondering if the foster parents provided the care his son deserved while expressing feelings of inadequacy as a father.

He said.

“30 years ago, I met a young lady, and we had a son together. We couldn’t afford it, so we gave him up for adoption. I don’t know if the foster parents I gave him to, took good care of him. It has burdened me a long time. I’m a terrible father. God, I’m sorry”,

Touched by the man’s vulnerability, Peter Bond offered words of encouragement, reassuring him that everyone makes mistakes and that it’s never too late to seek reconciliation. Bond blessed the man with $500, hoping to provide comfort during this difficult time.

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