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Heartbreaking moment children tear up inconsolably as their mom is buried (Watch Video)



A heartbreaking video shows the tear-jerking moment some children cry out in pains and outpour of emotions as their mom is buried.

The loss of a loved one can be a deeply devastating experience and it is all the more worse when it’s the loss of a mother.

A video which surfaced on social media shows the heartbreaking moment a woman’s children wept with pain and sorrow over the death of their mother.

The kids who were all dressed in black clothes couldn’t stand the pain of watching their mother being committed to earth. They cried bitterly.

Netizens have reacted with consoling words and shared experiences …

@Its ivy🧡 said: “Am just crying 😭 Coz I can feel the pain… may God console dis kids🥹”

@Q🦋U🦋E🦋E🦋N stated: “cant belive am crying 😭😭😭 so sorry”

@preciousgold6825 opined: “life without mom is not easy”

@lucky star shared: “this was me in 2019.i fainted that only God that will console them”

Watch video below …

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