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Update On: Military Coup Attempt In Niger By The Head Of The Presidential Guard Gen.Tchiany And His Loyal Forces



There is confusion and pandemonium  in Nigerien capital Niamey especially around the presidential Palace where the mutiny soldiers( presidential guards) led by the powerful head of presidential guards Gen. Tchiany this morning has still held the president and is discussing with him to resign. 

Zagazola is monitoring reports from their national TV and some online media in Niger which have indicated that the attempted coup against president Bazoum is due to negligence of the poor living condition of soldiers as well as the presidential guards from salaries to other welfare services. 

The head of  presidential guard Gen.Tchiany has put this complaint to the president several times but no result and according to some sources  president Bazoum wanted to remove Gen.Tchiany as the head of the presidential Palace despite his vast experience manning that position since 2011.

This move by the president has resulted in mutiny but according to the presidential spokesperson it is an attempted coup and not mutiny as claimed by soldiers. 

According to some sources, president  Bazoum is safe and he is holding talks with mutiny soldiers until he voluntarily signs a resignation letter.

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