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“She beats me like hell” – Husband drags wife to court, narrates painful experience (Watch Video)



A husband has taken his wife to court due to the distressing treatment he endures within their home. Despite being married, he revealed that he has been subjected to significant suffering at the hands of his own wife.

In detailing her actions, he explained that his wife frequently engages in physical violence towards him, seizing any opportunity to do so.

He recounted an incident where she asked him why he doesn’t plead for mercy as her father does when her mother beats him.

However, he expressed that her father may possess the strength to endure such treatment, unlike himself.

Furthermore, the man disclosed that his wife has, on multiple occasions, destroyed all the clothing he owns, leaving him with nothing to wear to work, forcing him to borrow clothes from his neighbor.

Additionally, he accused his wife of engaging in infidelity with one of his friends.

Nigerians have responded to the man’s confession by expressing their thoughts and opinions in the comment section.

See some reactions below:

@favoredsinner: “No matter how emotional your story is as a man in an abusive relationship, people will hardly help, take you serious or believe you. The game is rigged.”

@iamlindagraham: “This isn’t funny. If it was the other way round they’ll be talking about domestic violence. This is the luxury of double standards we women enjoy. I said what I said. I’ve also said that we aren’t ready to talk about men facing domestic abuse in the home too. We’re still stuck on gender wars.”

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@Taiwo_junzi: “Nothing the pattern!
No empathy cos it’s a man! See everybody’s countenance and body language in the video. People will watch the video and smile, let it go the other way you’ll be hearing “I couldn’t watch till the end.”

@JimisolaCoal: “Sigh. What’s funny about the situation ? Even the judge is smiling . Kilo funny ? Someone is speaking from a place of pain and they are kikiking. This is why men barely speak up . Eiiish”

@chimxy14: “If we reverse this story nobody would be laughing in that court room. That woman even has an evil look. Men go through abuse too and it’s not new.”

@iamAyoTomi: “Man be speaking in pain but people Dey laugh. Cos na MAN . Later de, go say speak up, na why most men Dey hide their pain.”

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