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Samson Of Kwande: Benue Man Kills Lion With Bare Hand, Lands In Hospital



In a remarkable display of courage and strength, a man from Kwande, Benue State, identified as Iorver Udele, has reportedly defeated a lion with his bare hands.

The extraordinary incident took place during Mr. Iorver’s work on his cassava farm situated in Mount Ngokur, where he unexpectedly found himself face-to-face with a roaring lion.

According to witnesses, the encounter quickly turned into a life-and-death struggle as Iorver fiercely fought back in self-defense. The battle between man and beast ensued for approximately ten minutes, with Iorver fearlessly confronting the ferocious lion. In a remarkable feat of bravery, he eventually emerged victorious, successfully subduing the wild animal.

Despite his triumphant victory, the encounter left Iorver injured and in need of medical attention. He was immediately rushed to the General Hospital in Adikpo, where doctors confirmed his stable condition. They have stated that Mr. Iorver is expected to recover fully from his injuries.

In the coming days, Iorver Udele plans to share his firsthand account of the gripping battle with journalists in an exclusive interview. His story of bravery and survival has captivated the local community and has drawn attention from the wider public.

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