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Man gets pregnant after taking his wife’s pregnancy to native doctor (Watch Video)



A Nigerian man has found himself in a bad state after allegedly taking his wife’s pregnancy to an undisclosed native doctor for unknown reasons.

A video recently surfaced online, showing the unidentified man seated on a chair with an unusually enlarged stomach, resembling that of a woman in her ninth month of pregnancy.

Curious onlookers gathered around him, taking pictures and videos, as the bizarre scene unfolded.

The incident has garnered significant attention, with people expressing their opinions and speculations in the comment section of the video.

However, the exact reasons behind the man’s peculiar actions and the consequences of his visit to the native doctor remain undisclosed.

See some reactions below:

feelfreelikeabird247: “There are so many things that could cause distended abdomen. How this country can have the smartest are the dumbest people is flabbergasting.”

maxqlos: “This happened recently at oghara delta state, the man na typical winsh.”

_foreverwinnie_: “Una sure say no be fufu handwork be this? Abi groceries”

okah.peace: “Everything in Nigeria is juju. How are they sure this isn’t kidney or liver problem? Instead of seeking help for him, they’ve tagged innocent juju.”

ebiye_million: “Liver sickness or whatever medical conditions will not give him big tommy over night, yes we’re woke but things still they happen. my mother already witnessed something like this before but it was mother & son, the woman slept that evening with her big tummy but woke with flat tummy so she ran away, the next morning her teenage son woke up with big tummy & confessed, he ran mad & started roaming around with he’s big tummy.”

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upcoming_musclemummy: “Abeg give us link to your juju plug, make our men begin help us carry belle.”

prankhottieee: “How person go carry him wife belle go winch ? Benin people keep surprising me.”

unstoppableabt: “Make he go their netting ground make e born there since e nor know how to use power for better thing.”


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