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“It Looks Like Ritual” – Lady Allows Live Snail To Crawl on Her Face For Skin Beautification (Watch Video)



A TikTik video shows a Nigerian beauty spa where ladies allow live snails to crawl on their faces. In the video posted by @haykraftbeautystudio, a lady was seen lying down, and the snails had a field day in her face.

In the beginning, only one snail moved around the lady’s face, starting from the nose area and then on her eyelids.

Soon, three additional snails were brought and placed on her face, and they also crawled on every part of her face.

As the snails crawled, they left slims in their trail. While interacting with, Odutola Ayomide, who owns the spar, said it is the snail slim that helps in facial cleansing.

He said:

“It is called snail facial. It acts as anti ageing property, helps fade stretch marks and scarring, treats bacteria, and treats acne. It is very good for hydration, especially during hydraulic facials. It also helps to exfoliate the skin. Even some people use it for the body.” But some TikTok users say they find it uninteresting and bizarre as it looks like a ritual. Some even said it is a filter

But Odutola insists it is real and a normal skin routine and that in fact, he has many customers who pay as high as N20,000 to experience it. As if to add filip to Odutola’s words, the lady’s face actually became clearer after the snail was done.

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Watch the video below:

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