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Family apologizes as DNA test clears man falsely accused by Nigerian lady of impregnating her (Video)



A man who was accused of impregnating a woman with autism has been exonerated after a conclusive DNA test.

TikToker, @Ifieminewton95, who identifies as the elder sibling of the woman named Joy, shared the update in a new video, expressing relief at the way the matter was resolved amicably.

The emotionally charged incident came to light when it was discovered that Joy, who is physically challenged, had become pregnant after allegedly being taken advantage of in undisclosed circumstances.

The accusations led to considerable distress and uncertainty for both families involved.

However, the situation took a positive turn as @Ifieminewton95 revealed that a DNA test was conducted at a hospital, which ultimately vindicated the accused man.

According to her, the test results conclusively proved that the accused was not responsible for the pregnancy. The families of both parties reportedly settled the matter in a peaceful manner, seeking closure and understanding.

In her video, @Ifieminewton95 expressed gratitude that the issue was handled in a respectful and compassionate manner. She shared footage of her family, Joy, the baby, and other relatives visiting the hospital for the DNA test result, showcasing the emotional rollercoaster they had been through.

She wrote;

“If there was DNA database in Nigeria, it would have been way easy for us. “We’re glad that this phase has passed. We know how truamatic it must have been for the alleged person. We issued an apology to him and his family. Thank you all for your love.”

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In the video, @Ifieminewton95 further revealed that her family had issued an apology to the accused and his family, acknowledging the trauma they might have experienced throughout the ordeal.

To support their efforts, a GoFundMe campaign has been launched to provide assistance and aid for Joy during this period of transition.

Netizens Reactions…
@classic bae said; “No p,all is well,it happened to one of my mad relative,she’s dead now but her girl is 23yrs old now and married,God will turn tinx around.”

@acquosuahmonigram said; “Please pamper her and sit her down and ask her questions very politely because the father of the baby is not far from the family.”

@QueenAde said; “For her to point hand at the person means he’s somehow involved just lucky he’s not the father but keep eyes down it could be a close person to family.”

@RichAnti said; “Here in the US, they will screen all family members and close friends plus neighbors. It’s never far fetched. We still give thanks to God.”

@Quin Lurel said; “I don’t know what happened but I think you guys should go and do the DNA in a secret hospital again someone could have bribe the doctor.”

@Leoliciousebabe said; “The responsible person would be right under your nose…May God lead you to your closure.”

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@Christiana Sam said; “Please sit her down and ask her questions very gently, it might be your family member. The father of that child is not far from your family.”

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