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“What happened to preaching about salvation in church?” – Outrage as Nigerian clergyman preaches about bra and ‘fallen’ brǝasts



A Nigerian clergyman, Michael Arokpo, has sparked mixed reactions online over the question he posed to a female congregant during a sermon in his church.

A video circulating on social media shows the pastor asking the woman, who apparently specializes in the sales of underwear, how many times a woman should wear a bra.

In response, the woman asserted that women should wear a bra for a maximum of two days because they sweat under their breasts.

She said, “Two days because women sweat under their breasts. The under of a woman’s breast smells more than anything. Many women do not wash under their breasts.”

She further advised that women with saggy boobs should lift them and wash underneath their breasts thoroughly.

The use of the word ‘sag’ did not sit well with the clergyman and he declared that such breasts have “fallen”.

The video has sparked an outrage on social media, with many saying it is inappropriate for a pastor to discuss women’s body part in church.

Read some comments below,

@thick_nd_bold wrote, “What happened to preaching about salvation in the house of God?”

@I.tobiloba wrote, “Most churches no longer preach salvation. What a ridiculous question for a pastor to ask.”

@chimdilawson wrote, “It’s long overdue! These charl@tans need to start attending proper accredited schools of Theology, study for at least 4yrs, get certified and further screened and get a license before starting religious businesses! Any id1ot just wakes up one day and opens a church claiming to be called. 🤦‍♂️”

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@ogoo_chukwu wrote, “Church these days 🤦🏽‍♀️look at a pastor shouting e don fall with no reservations or control”

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