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Three trains crash in India, over 230 killed and 900 injured



In one of the most severe train accidents in recent history, over 200 individuals lost their lives and hundreds sustained injuries in a crash involving two passenger trains and a goods train in Balasore, India.

According to Pradeep Jena, the chief secretary of the state, the tragic incident in Odisha state resulted in at least 233 fatalities and 900 injuries.

The death toll is anticipated to increase as rescue teams undertake an extensive operation, as mentioned during a press conference by Jena.

Disturbing images from the scene depicted rescuers diligently searching for survivors amidst the wreckage of a damaged rail carriage. Video footage also revealed overturned coaches scattered along the train tracks, with people navigating through a twisted train carriage.

Cause of train crash in India

Indian authorities revealed that the tragic collision unfolded when a passenger train crashed into coaches of another passenger train that had already derailed and shifted onto the opposite track. Consequently, both trains veered off the tracks.

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