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“Queen of juju” – African traditional healer arrests suspected thief using bees



A recent incident in Uganda, there was an astonishing occurrence that left numerous individuals astounded. A suspected thief found himself in a peculiar predicament as his head became a temporary home for a swarm of bees.

Witnesses observed the unkempt suspect surrounded by a crowd, his head covered in bees.

Curiosity led to an investigation, revealing that a renowned traditional healer from a nearby town had employed her spiritual prowess to ensnare the alleged thief using bees.

As the suspect was apprehended, a video captured his overwhelming embarrassment and profound sadness. Tears streamed down his face while he endured open humiliation, paraded from one street to another, subject to further disgrace.

Once the suspect was brought before the traditional healer responsible for the bee entrapment, she provided a statement explaining her involvement in the incident.

In response to the viral video, an internet user, identified as Ohio, commented, “Queens of juju, please redirect those bees towards the politicians in East Africa.”

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