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Lady finds 5 children living in uncompleted building after parents abandoned them (Video below)



A young lady calls out for help on behalf of 5 children who live alone after being reportedly abandoned by their parents.

In the videos shared by the lady, she was heard asking the children the whereabouts of their mother and they responded that they abandoned them.

The young lady disclosed that she chanced on one of the children lying on the ground shivering when she approached her and realized they stay alone.

The children were seen leading the woman to where they lived; an uncompleted building that had no bed. The children showed the lady the few clothes they shared together.

Read some social media comments.

@Chi commented, “I still can’t figure out y poor people give birth to kids they can’t take care of, two kids are enough but no they will be born 7 and suffer them”.

@Hydee: also commented, “Take them to a motherless baby home or contact oriyomi hamzat on Facebook or take them to his office to help abegggg. There are people who are multimillionaires praying for just 1 kid and see these ones abandoning 5 kids to their fate. What a wonderful God!!!”

@Ferrai also commented, “This is the saddest video I’ve watched this year.”.

@Maysdessertng also lamented, “Why do people keep giving birth to kids when they know they can’t fend for them? This is so heartbreaking 💔💔💔 see how these kids are living, Christ 💔”.

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Watch the video below

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