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Student Shows Ridiculous Way He Hides Food From His Roommates Who ‘Begs’ a Lot



Humans have a tendency to consciously or subconsciously find solutions to their problems because our body is wired to love comfortability.

That being said, in a situation where we are not comfortable our brains naturally come up with a lot of ways to make thing very comfortable no matter how ridiculous it might seem.

In the case of a young Nigerian student, it was not just ridiculous but also funny in a ‘bizarre way’. The young man took to TikTok to show internet users how he managed to make it through a semester of school despite sharing housing with his roommates.

He devised a never-seen-before scheme to conceal his food supplies in locations that no one had ever considered in order to preserve them. He concealed his eba (garri) in a big, bare candle wrapper. Then he hid his soup condiments in two empty Colagate and oral B family-sized toothpaste tubes.

He then revealed that he had raw garri stashed away in a huge, empty sachet of washing detergent. He could be seen putting it on a plate. In a box of matches, he concealed sugar cubes.

The student displayed even greater innovation when he added detergent to a bucket of water to create foam. He then placed two Titus sardine cans, a bag of cracker cookies, a can of liquid evaporated peak milk, a can of corn beef, and a carton of Chivita Strawberry yoghurt inside (soaked them).

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Although some netizens agreed that one must take necessary measures to protect their belongings from greedy roommates, his innovations seemed too extreme as they left them in total shock.

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