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Skateboarder & model, 23, undergoes surgery to rebuild face in amazing transformation after lip bitten off by savage dog (Photos below)



A SKATEBOARDER who was savagely attacked by a dog has undergone an amazing transformation under the knife.

Brooklinn Khoury, 23, had her top lip and parts of her nose ripped off by a pitbull in November 2020.

She has since undergone several surgeries to rebuild her face and is nearing the end of her recovery.

The American has detailed her rebuilding journey on social media and was pleased to share she now has a lip line.

Immediately after the attack Brooklinn was taken into surgery and had “everything sewn up” leaving her with no upper lip and her mouth exposed.

A year later doctors were able to construct a new lip for the model using tissue from her arm.

A rhinoplasty followed which involved taking cartilage deep within her nose to reconstruct the tip.

And as part of what could be a final operation, surgeons have constructed a cupids bow and dental columns on her top lip.

The lip is still swollen but Brooklinn is delighted with the results and took to Instagram to show off the doctors’ work.

She wrote in a caption:

“Still very swollen, but the sutures are out and the lip is healing good! I feel like I am still in shock.

“I can’t believe I have the cupid bow and the lip line! So crazy.”

Brooklinn is now set to get a tattoo to outline her lip shape to complete the transformation.

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