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“If you remove church from Nigeria, country will collapse” – RCCG pastor says



A pastor with the RCCG named Pat Akem-Vingir, a retired major general, has claimed that the intervention church in Nigeria aids in reducing the impacts of suffering there.

The preacher said this during the Abuja RCCG branch’s ‘Jesus House’ branch’s dedication event. Pastor Enoch Adeboye served as the event’s host, and hundreds of dignitaries and members of the RCCG were present.

According to Akem-Vingir, the church is crucial to Nigeria’s social and economic structure. He underlined that the majority of young people in the nation find hope, purpose, and direction in religion, particularly the church.

The pastor went on to emphasize the church’s distinctive and important role in society by claiming that Nigeria would collapse if the church were to be shut down.

“If you remove the church from Nigeria, the country will collapse. People may deny it, but I am saying it unapologetically.

If the church were not in Nigeria doing what it is doing; serving as the light of the world and as the salt of the earth, the degradation would have been more than we can imagine.

70% of the country is youthful. You can’t allow that kind of generation to be wasted. The church is a place where they can find hope, direction and purpose,” he said.

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The new RCCG branch in the Durumi area of Abuja is a magnificent 5-storey facility that can accommodate up to 3,000 worshippers at once.

However, in his own remarks, Pastor Adeboye thanked God for seeing the project through to its triumphant conclusion.

In his words;

“We thank God for this great day, and for the successful completion of this wonderful edifice. We pray that this building will be a beacon of hope for the afflicted and a place of worship for generations to come.”

We pray that this church building will be a source of blessing to all who enter it and that it will continue to serve as a beacon of hope for the afflicted and a place of worship for generations to come.”

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