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“I must break record” – Nigerian man peels 50 coconuts with teeth (Video below)



A young Nigerian man has publicly removed the husks of about 50 large coconuts using only his teeth. In a video clip trending on social media, the man was spotted removing the husks as a large crowd surrounded him to cheer him on.

He was given water at intervals by a caring eyewitness to rinse his mouth and gain more energy. The cheers coming from the crowd gave him the strength to keep going and his friends were also hyping him.

Concerned netizens reacted to the video as they hoped that he got the approval of the Guinness World Records before going ahead with the challenge.

Mayorofabk wrote.

“I thank God for doing this smoothly. I break the record at last. First guy to use teeth to break 50 coconuts”,

Social media reactions

@ogastreet said: “Where are the officials?”

@just_one_empress said: “Guinness fit no record am.”

@kexx10 commented: “Hope he knows the Guinness world record doesn’t give cash price.”

@deanability_ reacted: “Guinness go ban Nigerians this period no worry.”

@Irishpresh said: “Poverty will make you discover many things. He has got skills man.”

@maery125 commented: “Hope he knows that Guinness World Record does not involve money.”

Watch the video below:

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