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“I bought you a phone to bomb, not to carry women” – Moment Yahoo girl fiercely rebuked one of her staff at her headquarters



In a shocking incident, a lady identified as Merit has confronted one of her employees for his absence during work hours and alleged misappropriation of funds from her fraudulent business to indulge in lavish activities at a hotel in Bayelsa.

A video of the confrontation has gone viral, capturing the intense interrogation by Merit.

Merit, visibly angered by the employee’s actions, revealed that she had been closely monitoring him for three days as he enjoyed the company of different women at a hotel without contributing any proceeds to their illicit activities.

She expressed her disbelief that she had been financially supporting the employee, only for him to spend $1,000, which he had not earned, on extravagant pleasures.

In the trending video, Merit can be seen passionately addressing the employee, reminding him of the privileges she had provided for him.

She emphasized that she had been responsible for his basic needs, including providing him with food, purchasing the phone he used for his illicit activities, and offering him a place to live.

Her disappointment and frustration were evident as she denounced the employee’s ungrateful behavior.

Faced with the gravity of the situation, the young man pleaded with Merit, promising that he would never repeat such actions in the future.

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The employee’s remorse became apparent when Merit threatened him with physical punishment, suggesting that she would teach him a lesson using a belt when they returned to their headquarters

The video has generated significant attention on social media platforms, with users expressing a range of reactions to the encounter.

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