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Woman breaks down as she returns from US to see two-storey building her brother built for her after 40 years abroad



A Nigerian woman has burst into tears after seeing the uncompleted two-strorey building her brother built for her with the money she was sending to him.The woman who is based in the United States lamented that she worked three jobs and spent 40 years saving while also fending for members of her family.She apparently recently arrived Nigeria to inspect the house only for her to reach the site and see that the building project was abandoned on a waterlogged land.The devaststed woman said she trusted her brother identified as Obinna and her parents also believed he was doing the work so they never bothered to check the level of progress or visit the land for once.She heaped curses on her brother for betraying her and people who accompanied her to the site were pleading with her to calm down.She chided them and noted that she would face them because they were around when Obinna did nothing and they never intervened.According to the lady, she was thinking she would come back to a house to move into but what she saw broke her heart. She vowed to prosecute Obinna to the full extent of the law.

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