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“God Will Judge” – Man Dumps Lady After She Helped Him to Build House, Falls in Love With Tenant’s Daughter



A young Nigerian lady with the Twitter handle @dess_laundry has shared a very emotional story of the heartbreak she suffered when she was younger.

In a Twitter thread, the lady said she started dating a man when she was just 20 years old. She was in a relationship with the man throughout her university years and even afterwards.

After graduation, she was staying at his place because he asked. The man was however abroad at that time. According to her, the man trusted her even more than his family members.

When he was away, he made the lady handle his building project and she managed his resources well and furnished the house.

Back in Nigeria, they continued living together as a couple and rented out one of the flats in their compound. He also opened a shop for her.

Calamity happened when the lady realised that he was dating the daughter of their tenant. He married her and told the @dees_laundry he never really loved her. She broke down and was admitted to the hospital afterwards. It took years before she healed from the breakup. compiled some of the reactions below:

@ManjaroKilly said: “A man you have proven to be accountable to in all ramifications did this to you? What’s his definition of love? If God is God, that man will get his reward in accordance to the damages he caused you. I pray for the spirit of total ‘move ahead’ in your life. God bless your heart!”

@LeahRazor said: “They look out for kind people and ruin them. People dont know depression. You’ll stay for days and cant bathe, pain in the soul that can even translate to physical sickness. Life just goes by. Nearly dying from realising that someone just used, yet hated you so badly.”

@shalomdfirst said: “Omo this woman is really strong tbh. Some people will walk into your life just to ruin you.”

@Ri_Molen said: “Build with a man, problem. Don’t build with him, problem.”

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