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DJ Chicken apologises with swollen eyes after being brutalised for ‘misbehaving’



Nigerian Disc Jockey, DJ Chicken has apologised after being assaulted by a group of unknown suspected to be hoodlums.

A video which went viral captures the performer being beaten in an undisclosed location by no less than four men.

Although it is unclear what led to the assault, DJ Chicken could be seen kneeling down and pleading with his attackers.

He was eventually stripped and forced to lie down on his bare body as they continued to descend on him.

In another clip, the street performer showed off his swollen face and eyes, and lamented about nearly losing his sight. It was gathered that he was waylaid on the road after visiting neighbourhood in Lagos.

Chicken begged for forgiveness and blamed drugs (cannabis) for his actions while also promising to turn a new leaf.

“Please I will never misbehave again, I smoked weed today and I went to misbehave where they almost k**lled me, my fellow Nigerians please try and always be calming down, please try and be hearing word so you don’t end up like me”, he said.

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