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“Why I won’t assist my husband if he’s struggling financially” – Nigerian feminist Lament



A Nigerian feminist simply known as Uloma, has said that she will not support her husband if he is struggling financially.

She made the statement in response to a tweep @juscallmeorgans who asked what women will do if rent is due and their husband is unable to pay

The question reads;

“I have a question for my girls. Say your husband is struggling financially and rent is due. Are you guys paying it or do you guys expect him to find a solution on his own?”

In response, Uloma said it is a man’s duty to provide for the family and the woman’s duty to take care of the home.

According to the tech enthusiast, when a woman helps a man in need of financial assistance she is stripping him of his manhood.

She wrote;

“He’s a man and his duty is to provide while yours is to make the home. When you provide, you’re stripping him of his manhood and turning him into a woman.

So let him figure it out on his own. It’s best you become homeless than you pay the rent. That’s how the patriarchy works.”

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